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Project Feasibility

Our Project Feasibility Study and strategy services offer our clients the perfect option to assess the development options available for their proposed sites, including during the 3 day cooling off period. Get critical information on design, town planning, building options and economic and budgetary information to assist in making a well informed decision.

Project Feasibility Study Benefits

Our Project Feasibility Study includes:

building tickcomprehensive feasibility and preliminary schematics

building tickutilise Land Use Plans to offer a spatial study of the best and highest use of the proposed site

building tickprivate town planner consultation with Council in respect of the proposed project development

building tickcopies of significant documentation where appropriate (for example Title, Plan, Council Schedules, Neighbourhood Character, etc)

building tickproject optimal risk adjustment strategy recommendation

building tickdetailed financial modelling and cash flow projections for the development project based on suggested gross floor area and optimum yield based on Land Used Plan indications

The study and strategy will provide you an initial blueprint which can be further developed for your project. Our Project Feasibility Study provides you with the information to proceed with your development with confidence.

A Valuable Resource

Because we focus on providing the best outcome for you, our client, we also work closely with your financial team, including financial planners, banks and accountants when assessing the feasibility of your project.

Don't miss out on obtaining a Project Feasibility Study. This valuable resource can save you time and money and help you best achieve your development outcomes.

Our Project Feasbility Study is an invaluable resource - just $550 with a fast turnaround time. Ask us about how it can benefit your project today. Call Developers Solutions on 03 9397 5147

What is the 3 day cooling off period?

In Victoria, purchasers of real estate are generally entitled to a 3 day cooling off period - which provides the purchaser the option of terminating the contract within 3 business days from the signing of the purchase contract (starting when the purchaser signs the contract, regardless of when the vendor signs).

Whilst you should always conduct adequate investigations before purchasing any property, the cooling off period provides 3 days in which to carry out further investigation, have the contract reviewed (if it has not already been done) and obtain a project feasibility study. Termination should only occur if significant issues have been discovered - such as errors in the contract, facts not matching verbal assurances and problems identified with the feasibility study. Many issues will be discovered with thorough research and a feasibility study prior to purchase.

This does not apply for land that is primarily used for commercial or industrial land or land used primarily for farming which is larger than 20 hectares. The cooling off period also does not apply to sales at an auction (or 3 days before or after the auction), if the parties to the contract have previously entered into a contract in similar circumstances for the same property, where the purchaser is a body corporate or estate agent.